Fashion Commercial

Commercial Fashion Photographer New York

Are you looking for a Commercial fashion photographer in New York City? We specialize in creating catalog, lookbooks and promotional fashion photography for high end established fashion brands. ken jones has been a nyc fashion photographer for over 30 years and counting, Our goal is to create clear detailed images of your garments so your buyers will, uh “buy”. ‘wait! theres more! we even throw in artistic styling!’ We know that you are busy and your are more than likely in a rush, but that no reason to shoot plain boring images we look forward to creating beautifully styled fashion photography for your brand today.

Commercial Fashion Photographers look for the retail value in an image, we try to make the image a sales point for your viewers, We bring desire into the equation, When the viewer see's the impossibly beautiful person interacting with that flowing red dress you created and those fabulous diamond studded shoes you wish to sell, they are imagining themselves wearing your outfits in those scenes. try to envision the commercial value of the body of work when choosing a fashion photographer or commercial photographer

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