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The Gallery of the NYC Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photography is a blend of two art forms, meant to accentuate the perfection of both apparel and portraits. Neither medium is stagnant, and as the two mature and change, they work together to compliment the beautiful range and identity of each. Fashion itself is a constantly changing medium, uniquely encapsulating the rotation and repetition of time. Apparel currently considered to be chic is merely a fresh take on yesterday’s style, just as bellbottoms returned in the nineties and sweater vests can be seen on today’s high profile celebrities. It is with the Editorial Fashion Photographer that designers and clothing aficionados can record the history of clothing, perfect present day fashion and predict the fads of the future. By analyzing the transformation of clothing throughout the decades, ny fashion photographers confidently shoot their models adorning unreleased styles, allowing society a glimpse of what is to come.

Ken Jones uses his artistic eye and experience designing his own clothing to keep this New York Fashion Photographer unique, relevant and cutting edge. By mixing popular trends of Editorial Photography with distinctive elements unique to his style, Ken keeps his images grounded and recognizable yet visually superior and different than those of his counterparts. Tactics, such as incorporating motion into his stills and utilizing shadows to add depth, allow Ken to expertly capture the dynamic range of his scenes while focusing on the art worn by his models. The secret to capturing the perfect image is to evoke emotion from the models, and Ken’s photographic style is enhanced by his skillful manipulation of the mood within his studio. By pushing the models, arousing reactions and creating a dialogue between himself and his subject, Ken has the uncanny ability to capture a real, genuine moment with the snap of his camera.

It is in removing the artificiality that Ken is able to produce stunning photographs. As a Fashion Photographer in New York, Ken has experience shooting apparel for showrooms, fashion lookbooks, magazine editorials, online fashion magazines, retail clothing sellers art buyers, and catalog photoshoots. With experience working in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, Ken is constantly submersing himself in raw, unique and amazing clothing. He uses the dynamics of his surroundings to influence his work, and consequently can relate to the designers he is working with. With the use of bright colors and exciting cityscapes, Ken is able to add weight and mesmerizing moments to his Fashion Photography. The movement of the clothing, styling of his models and overall appreciation for apparel have catapulted Ken Jones Studio to a level of excellence that keeps his clients happy, his photographs exquisite and his portfolio impressive.

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