- Questions to the Photographer -

1. When I take pictures with you I own all the rights!, correct?

Unless a special contract is written all images taken by the photographer belongs to the photographer. Copyright remains with the photographer and you are granted a license to use the pictures for personal or business use.

2. What is you real specialty?

My Speciality is beauty photography that is my passion. Beauty photography is a focus of beauty it can be a portrait or a body shot, it can be a whole or a partial, but in the end the final results should empathise beauty forever in a captured moment.

3. I am curious as to how many photos I get, and touched up shots.

It really will depend on what type of shoot and how ready you are when we are shooting. I sometimes shoot the camera just to get a client used to the action of me photographing them, it becomes so normal that most people just forget whats going on and relax.

So to answer the question I may make 400 exposures but show you 150 usables.

Cleaned up or retouched, This also depends on our agreements. different issues for different jobs. a catalog shoot would normally get all of the needed images retouched. but a headshot shoot may just get one or two images retouched.

If you are an actor going to print a image you really only need one master shot to make a 8x10 image with? quantity and quality are 2 very different things. I can't retouch 5 pictures in a day. Why? because one image I do takes on average at least 2 hours to complete. Why? because I work on the quality of an image.

4. There are so many photographers, its hard to know which one to choose, how do I pick a photographer

There are over 30,000 true professional photographers in NY, you should pick the photographer who takes pictures in the style that you like, respect and that you can afford. I am a 30year veteran photographer so shooting with me is getting my experience, artistic and technical skills when you hire me.
When you look at a photographers online gallery that is a representation of the style of work that they do. dont exept all photographer to be able to shoot the same way, look for the stle that suits your needs and shoot with that person who has proved by experience that they can achive your image goals. If you see great work you like on my site you will get that quality. If you see crappy pictures on a photographers website then that's what you may get out of that photographer. Consistency comes with experience

5. What should I bring to the shoot?

Bring a Great attitude and an open mind as well as:

Grooming supplies:

  • Either hair spray, gel or whatever you may use to hold your hair.
  • Hair clips, pins, brushes, combs
  • Your base color foundation lip gloss, toothbush


  • A few different shirts or tops, flowing dresses, just things you like in general
  • Very simple jewelry
  • Comfortable shoes

Deal Site Clients need to bring "3 to 4" outfits so I can choose for a Glam Shoot

6. How much can I expect to spend to get a Head Shot?

You can get a really great headshot taken starting at $180.00 and that will include a lightly retouched image. The prints are additional.

7. How much are pictures for models?

Shooting Models for their portfolio is called testing and gets a special courtesy rate. Its Best to give me a call and tell me what you need so we can go over pricing and shooting options.

8. How long have you been a photographer taking pictures?

As of 2017, I have been shooting as a professional photographer for about 32 Years.

9. How fast can I get my photographs?

Normal Service is 3 business Days unless you have a glamour shoot which can take up to 2 weeks as the images are enhanced before we give them to you. You can usual see your on-line proofs the next working day after your shoot, Give another week or two to get your print(s) back.

10. How far in advance do I need to book an appointment?

I normally get heavily booked but I can fit most people in for most of what they want, Just call me when you have dates ready and we will fit you in.

11. Do you take pictures for models?

Yes, I currently test for a few agencies in NYC. The service is called testing and there is a fee. call for more information if you need model testing services.

212-964-8240 - Ken

12. How do I book an appointment?

You can send and e-mail from the contact page requesting a shoot, call us at 212-964-8240 or fill out our Session request form. In all cases you will need to speak to a photographer to go over what type of photography services you are booking for. So make sure you leave your phone number.

13. Do you provide clothes for the pictures you take?

No we do not provide clothing for shoots. it would not be possible to maintain a wardrobe here in the studio. However we can hire stylist to bring clothing but it would be an additional fee.

14. Do you only shoot in the studio?

I shoot in the studio as well as on location. It all depends on what is needed to get the pictures you want.

15. Can you find work for me?

Sorry, I am not a booking agent. I get very limited information on jobs for actors or models.

16. Do I keep the negatives

Most all the photography created today is digital so there are no physical negatives. We do however create digital negative that stay on file with the photographer. High resolution Jpgs are usually given to the client for their use.

- Questions about Retouching and Prints -

1. I was told that re-touched pictures look fake

Well Most people out there are not used to doing realistic retouching so they will give you back an image that was very obviously altered. Our graphic artist have all been working with photographic retouching for 10 years or more and they strive to make the image they are working on as realistic as possible.

2. Can you re-touch my picture?

Yes, we do all stages of retouching

3. Why should I retouch my picture?

Retouching of your image is one of the steps in post production to make your image better than its natural straight out of the camera form, most every picture you see in print ads and fashion magazines are retouched to some degree.

When you are looking for that perfect image, it will need retouching to get to that stage.
You may also want to take note that retouching does not mean the image looks like it is retouched, good retouching cannot be seen very easy and can usually only be seen by an expert eye.

- Questions about Makeup & Hair -

1. Do I need to bring my color?, I have make-up that works very well with me.

The Make-up artist, mixes their own colors based on your skin tone. So they will have your exact color here. Also your make-up will not work in an airbrush and the make-up artist may want to use an airbush on you.

2. Can the hairstylist put in Extensions?

As long as we are notified in advanced I can have a hairstylist that can add extentions available for you.