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New York Photographer -­ Client Campaigns

Ken Jones’ photography portfolio is a collection of over 30 years’ worth of experienced and professional images. With each different type of photography he shoots, Ken continuous to prove his skill, merit and talent as one of Manhattan’s best photographers. Having always felt the pull toward the camera, Ken has spent his life working toward producing expertly shot images in a variety of styles, and his collection is a testament to this devotion. While he specializes in fashion and beauty, Ken is able to photograph all subjects and settings with a sense of expertise that allows his work to remain unique, fresh and attractive. He has mastered telling stories with his Editorial Photography, expertly capturing an entire scene with a single picture. His photographs support written word with flashes of color, unique settings and props as well as by capturing the telling expressions and nuances of his subjects.

Ken’s Commercial Photography has been featured online and in well-known cosmetic, wellness and advertising publications. By using clean body shots and facial beauty portraits, Ken can transform a model into the ideal image your brand is trying to sell. Ken’s Sexy Body Shots Photography captures the beauty in nudity, using the enticing nature of erotic imagery to keep the attention of each subject’s ideal demographic. Ken uses subtlety to flirt with full exposure, expertly placing shadows and utilizing strategic poses to entice and captivate viewers while simultaneously expressing the larger statement of the image as a whole. His Headshot Photography, meanwhile, is customized for each client. Whereas executives and CEOs need headshots that express professionalism, congeniality and trust between a business and his clients, actors and models require headshots that encompass their versatility, attributes and different selling points.

Ken fully understands the needs of each client and blends their vision with his expertise in order to create prints of unrivaled quality. Flexible creativity and professionalism have allowed Ken’s career to progress into Commercial Photography, leading client campaigns with his glossy and exquisite photography. His clean techniques, ability to spot the extraordinary, timing, and above all, passion, continue to allow Ken to deliver exquisite and professional images every time. With lookbooks, headshots, nudes and commercial images as a part of his repertoire and models, actors, businessmen, celebrities and multi-million dollar companies as his clientele, Ken Jones’ creative abilities and success are only rivaled by his enthusiasm over expanding his portfolio and client base.