About Ken Jones

While all artists are born with a creative seed nestled deep within their tiny, flourishing bodies, it takes encouragement, passion and hard work for one's artistic side to bud and eventually, with any luck, blossom. I am fortunate in that my mother and grandmother coddled my creativity from a very early age, and growing up in New York City with the support of my family allotted me the opportunity to let my wildest dreams flower into reality. As a child, I always identified with the artistic, but it wasn't until my grandmother taught me to sew that I found my first creative outlet. I intuitively began to design my own clothing and costumes, and I learned that I could release my inner ideas and visions onto the world through my hands. This breakthrough manifested further as I started to design and draw, fueling what would become an obsession with creating beauty on my own. To be able to release good into the world by breathing life into concepts I first created within my mind was a gift so rare and wonderful that I decided to find a way to revolve my life around it. I knew I had talent, but found myself struggling to find my one true calling. My mother continued to encourage me, and as a teenager I attended the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan. It was during my education there that I finally discovered my innate love for photography, and I resolved to spend the next four years, as well as my entire career, cultivating my skills and passion in order to become the most professional, knowledgeable and experienced photographer possible.

My first break came in the form of food photography. As a foodie myself, I loved the opportunity and found I was constantly reaffirmed in my career choice by the level of skill I exhibited and joy I received from my work. I can distinctly remember retouching a photo of a lobster, deepening the redded shell and creating a fresh and delicious looking catch for my client. After shooting an image, my focus instinctively shifted to my clients’ ideal outcome, and that obsession with perfecting a vision still runs through me to this day. My clients have a story to tell about their product, place, company, or themselves, and it's my job to tell it through vivid and unique photography.

The creative bud that sat within me as a child has blossomed, to my fortune, and I still feel riveted and excited by photography, even thirty years into my career. My passion and adoration for the art hasn't been in vain either, and my repertoire is a reflection of three decades of dedicated photography. I have proudly built an A-List commercial and client base from my coveted Fashion and Editorial photography. My work has wide range, including shooting corporate headshots, actor and model headshots, beauty sets, glamour, boudoir, body shots, nudes and weddings. I am focused on my clients and meeting any needs they have, and as such my reputation has allowed me to photograph a multitude of companies in a variety of industries, including Prai Cosmetics, Fubu Entertainment, Limited Brands, Artisan Complete, Biacci, Ketchum, W Hotels, Oppenheimer Fund, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, The Cipriani Group, City Parks Foundation and Muscular Dystrophy Association to name a few. Additionally, I have worked directly with magazines for editorials, and have worked with different celebrities on their varying projects. Some notable celebrity clients have been Donald Trump, Montel Williams and promotions for his clothing line, Naomi Campbell and her desire to develop stills for a video project, filmmaker Amit Gupta for natural, candid portraits, and the late Ed McMahon for a Muscular Dystrophy Association event.

Most recently I have begun working with a designer and stylist on a project titled "The Air & Motion Series", which features a number of artistic images conceptualizing flight, movement and landing. Such photography, showcasing motion and beauty, continues to feed the artist inside of me and my passion for the wonders of captured images. As long as my passion is strong, my career will continue to develop, and as such I am involved with ongoing collaborative work with the fashion industry in order to further refresh and develop my style.

Whether shooting the silhouette of a sharp-hipped model, the stern grin of a top CEO or promotional material showcasing European fashion in a dramatic and central setting, my portfolio runs deep and my work is always unique, ambitious and expertly crafted. While fortune and blessings have helped me fulfill my lifelong dream of being an artist, hard work and drive have allowed me to excel to the top of my profession, and I have no intention of slowing down any time soon.