Private Boudior Photography

It's the intoxication of strategic shadow, the tease of sensual lighting, and the allure of provocative poses that make Boudoir Photography so invigorating. This eye-catching style and Ken Jones' incredible, creative talent, are a perfect combination. He is a master at capturing intimacy, of transferring personality into the photographs, and producing images that draw in an utterly captivated audience. The "boudoir" refers to a woman's private bedroom, a place steeped in mystery and intrigue. It is the room where she keeps her secrets hidden from the common eye, as their value lies in their elusiveness. Thus, in Boudoir Photography it is the allusion of nudity that is bewitching, and not its blatant declaration. Shadows play off the female figure, filling the role of lingerie, inviting the gazer to take a closer look. At the same time, what is hidden by subtle darkness beautifully contrasts what is illuminated, further drawing it out. A woman's luscious shape is accentuated by professional lighting, exposing just enough to make the viewer want to linger, wishing for more.

Boudoir Photography can be full nude; but often it is the accents of perfectly placed clothing or accessories which make the images remarkable. Ken Jones uses elements that feature the character of a woman, as well as her body. Stylish, classy high heels, for example, are frequently used in his pictures to highlight the inherent eroticism of a woman's legs. Fetching negligé is also used to add to the overall appeal of the photograph, adding spots of color to an already illustrious image. In contrast to many common practices, Boudoir Photography is tasteful, relying on the hint of sexiness as opposed to the outright statement. It is meant to be an enticement instead of an offering, a glimpse instead of complete disclosure. Also, at its core, Boudoir Photography is intimate Beauty Photography. It utterly captures the essence of a woman, hinting at her innate sexuality, and eliciting the radiance that exists within her. Every woman is beautiful, it's just a matter of knowing how to see it, and transfer that vision into a recorded image.

Attractiveness comes in all varieties, and any shape or size can be sexy. With three decades of experience under his belt, Ken Jones knows what it takes to showcase the unique beauty of a woman, and to produce images that call attention to her entrancing contours, to the great pleasure of all who look upon her.

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