Exotic Artistic Sexy Photography

Nude photography is meant to expose rawness, intimacy, and vulnerability within a model. The tantalizing undertones of sexual beauty found in nude shots are unique to that art form and cannot be replicated by any other type of photography. However, if done in good taste, nude images are meant to entice the viewer rather than to expose the body. When completely revealed, the body relinquishes its mysteries and leaves little reason for viewers to return for a second glance. The secret to captivating an audience with a nude shot is in the subtlety. Using shadows and crisp body angles as photographic foreplay, Ken’s body shots carefully tease the sexuality of a subject into exposure. Agencies and models alike can attest to the power of Ken’s stylistic choices in hinting at full nudity without relinquishing the body’s power or fully exposing his subjects.

Though anyone armed with a camera can photograph an exposed body, Ken uses subtly to extract sensuality by highlighting certain parts of his subject, such as a naked abdomen or back, while playing toward the climax of full nudity. Carefully selected props, such a high stiletto or loose fitting jewelry, are used to suggest sexiness and empower the model’s body. By utilizing sharp hip bones, lustful gazes and an appreciation of the human body, Ken’s experience in producing body shots allows him to dictate the level of exotic allure presented in each proof, leaving him in full control of the artistic beauty behind every one of his body shots.

Professional lighting, exotic poses and an innate understanding of the beauty behind nudity have allowed Ken to become one of fashions most coveted photographers. To keep his sexiest shots strikingly visual and risqué without cheapening the art of the image, nudity cannot be the photograph’s main focus. Rather, it is secondary to the shape and ideas presented by the image of the model, backdrops and props. By hiding the reveal, viewers of Ken’s body shots have to search out the rarity of a bodily slip, and instead find themselves submersed in the aesthetics of the image. The skill that comes from experience can add weight to a photograph, and Ken’s artistic choices, such as implementing an action shot or choosing an exotic theme, help to ensure his subjects’ images make a loud and unique statement that aligns with the purpose of the shoot. Sexy photographs are more than the name implies. They are not pornographic in nature, but instead encapsulate the organic strength and sensuality of the human body, which is nature’s most perfect canvas. Contact us at 212-964-8240 or visit our studio 121 FULTON STREET, 5th FLOOR,NEW YORK, 10038