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Yes I Shoot Models Testing TFP and TFCD

Yes I Shoot Models Testing TFP and TFCD
  • Questions about sessions are welcome
  • Rates may vary.
  • If your look is in demand (my discretion) rates may drop.
  • Or, if you're packing a princess card, rates may double. Triple for clueless.

-- No TFP --

Anybody can model. Doesn't mean they should!


If you're under the impression that there is no need to invest in a professional career, modeling or otherwise, well - don't quit your day job.

I do acknowledge exceptions as they are the elite few who win lotteries, marry billionaires, never age, and know all the right people. But wait, "they" still had to buy a ticket, earn trust and respect, take care of themselves, and reach out to make friends.

Hmmmmm, that's reality!


Should you be interested in working together, don't be shy as that would make two of us.

With camera in hand, I'm Superman. Without it, I'm merely the quiet one - Clark Kent. Still packing that cape 24/7 though, so be nice. And yes, I do have X-ray vision comes with the complete hero package

Please review the following in its entirety before submitting queries to test

model testing To be the best, work with the best. When it's available - do a Model TEST. Keep in mind that not every photographer tests models, regardless of who you are. On the other side, some talent (mostly actors) won't even consider shooting with someone they don't have a warm fuzzy history with. If you experience difficulties securing a model test - assess why. Does your desire exceed your ability or is the market saturated with your look? Seek unbiased objective assessments. Be prepared to spend time and money just to be acknowledged as being worthy of a test. You may have to travel for an in-person meeting or obtain images to submit for review. Do not go overboard in your presentation. Clean and simple images are your best initial asset.

Understand how each photographer works! The foundation of all successful and COMPETENT photographers is operating a profitable business. Most, if not all, seasoned photographers have invested many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to provide a creative service. They have dedicated a non-refundable portion of their lives to their profession. They, we, and I are essentially creative resources that assist in turning a client's need or desire into a tangible commodity. By contracting for our services, a client makes an investment for their own personal or commercial gain. To get that test, think like a job applicant and be prepared for the position you seek! Many photographers are continually evolving as they refine techniques and take creative risks. This is the model's best window of opportunity to test. Make your desire and availability known. Remember to present yourself as you wish to be interpreted. Should that presentation touch a creative area within the photographer's evolution, you will probably be the recipient of a test. Think of it as flying stand-by. Take care not to crowd the counter yet be prepared to show up at a moment's notice.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AM_L4928-2.jpgTesting is a constantly revolving door. If you contact a photographer to create a style of imagery he or she has already done - you just became a potential client. Instead, understand what was created, why, and for whom. Approach the photographer (or studio) as their next best resource to work with for mutual growth. Photographers generate revenue by re-inventing the wheel to fit many needs. Don't be another wheel! Help it roll to a fresh destination. Keep in mind that anything new to you may have been lat week's paid shoot. Do your research and determine what you can contribute. Should you be turned down, it is acceptable to ask why. Be prepared for an honest yet simple assessment. Absorb, reassess, move on. Take solace in the fact that the best photographers get turned down as well! Should a test session become available, be a knowledgeable participant. Know what is expected of you and what you will receive. Are there restrictions on use? Will you have access to out takes for your book? When a model test is successful, are the images then destined for publication? Time permitting, can you shoot a look or two specifically for your book? (ie, get the 'look' you desire to have!) Be aware of the big picture. When testing, everybody contributes to the success of a final image. Instead of generating income, it is being spent. For some it is only their time. For others there are hard costs. The make up artist will have to replace product in their kit, photographers and studios absorb the cost of consumables during the session. You may have incurred travel costs to participate. Testing is teamwork. Keep in mind that testing also involves accepting risk. Any creative team has the ability to fail. The best teams rarely do. They, we, and I work with best talent and support crews to stay that way. Day after day after day ....... end

How to proceed.

Inquiries for testing should include the following: Full name and phone number, city where you reside, ability to travel, type of work or image style you are seeking, a short bio, and references if appropriate. Including your age is optional unless you are under 18.

Best way is to give me a call and let me know what your market is and how many looks you think you need.

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