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The Proper Skin Retouch

The Proper Skin Retouch

So every so often I will teach my interns and assistants how to properly retouch so they can help me with my studio workflow, Most people who are not familiar with retouching believe that we just push a button a TaDa! we get a retouched picture. But proper retouching does take time, effort and most importantly skill. When I give the lesson to one person I sit there and let them teach one of the other while I listen to see if they retained and of what I just told them, It helps them remember better as it will make them dig for the details that I used to forget myself. This time around I had one of my assistants

record her lesson so I can replay it for others if I was busy. The technique is very simple but very very rewarding you paint over the offending blemishes with a soft light layer in either black or whit paint to balance out the skin tone to the same as the surrounding area. It takes some serious time. but this is a variation of the high end beauty retouch this is the most simple to teach and learn. I placed the video here for all to see we really just use his style in beauty retouching because fashion pictures are not so up in the face and the effort would be wasted.

As a Beauty Photographer I use this technique to perfect faces without giving away that the image is retouched. most other basic methods are destructive and or make the image soft in the skin areas.

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