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Testing Photo Shoot with Rohannia of MSA Models

Testing Photo Shoot with Rohannia of MSA Models

I had a call last week from MSA modeling agency to see if I can help their test board for the upcoming season, this usually entails getting some fresh images out in their books so they can get new work by showing how they photograph. Most of these models do not have pictures and need almost anything but I tend to shoot toward giving marketable image only. I love shooting so I always have fun with it so I would like to show a bit of the test here but I have not added a full gallery mod to the blog yet, I will set something up and get it working soon so look for the revision of this post with more images of Rohannia, Jumping, sulking, voguing and just being beautiful for the camera.

Location (Map)

121 Fulton Street, New York, NY 10038, USA
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