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Another Season of Fashion Week SS17

Another Season of Fashion Week SS17

Shooting Fashion week is something I rarely have time for, As a regularly working commercial fashion shooter I'm always producing my next shoot or video. So when I was asked to do this seasons Men's fashion week by my friend William Gooch of Fashion Revoire I was going to Decline the offer. I was already booked with a large job the week after and needed to produce the shoot, but then the date was postponed and I had those 5 days free.  Again weighing out a week of running around like a madman to 25 shows versus doing the occasional shoot in the studio  is not all that enticing.  But I always come back to Karma, someone was in need of my services and they really did not have anyone experienced enough to get great images on the fly at an event like NYFW. 

So I prepped my hard case with gear and set up a mobile editing station and off I went. 

The Key to Fashion Week Shooting is being streamlined in your shooting and in your workflow. 

So I guess all those seasons shooting NYFW finally paid off with giving me a streamlined style. I pretty much had a plan of attack for each show or presentation I walked into. Once I saws the layout and Identified key players I would try to get interesting candids as well as setup shots of the designers and their signature pieces, Then I would hunt down great key images of the models wearing the clothes. in some cases I would need to switch it up because I may walk in during a great photo opportunity.  

Brett Johnson SS17

Hard Lighting setup for Brett Johnson Presentation.

David Hart SS17

Designer David Hart Poses in front of Signature Pieces

Ricardo Seco SS17


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New York, NY, USA
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