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Sound Advice On Makeup For Photo Shoots

Sound Advice On Makeup For Photo Shoots

New York – When paying for a professional photo shoot, clientele want to make sure that the finished product meets or exceeds their expectations.  However, what many often do not realize is that much depends upon the willingness of the client to act upon sound advice from, both the photographer, and his or her makeup professional.  According to Ken Jones, of Ken Jones Photography – FultonStudio, this is often what makes or breaks a shoot, and the client’s satisfaction of the shots that result.



The Best Photo Shoot Come From a Team Effort

With 30 years of professional experience in beauty photography, Jones has come to understand that great photo shoots are the direct result of a team effort.  However, a very common mistake among clientele happens when the client decides to go somewhere else for makeup, applies his or her own makeup, or gets a free service at a department store counter. 

According to Jones, “It really is a team effort.  If they let the team do the work, then everything just turns out better, instead of getting it done somewhere else...”  To which, he adds, “…Let me control the shoot.  I’ve been doing this a long time.”

Jones elaborated that the issue has mostly to do with logistics.  In most cases, the image of makeup work, when seen through the brutally defined lens of a professional camera, will reveal the subtlest of application problems.  Inevitably, between the times that the client leaves their makeup professional to the end of the shoot, the client will need a touchup.  However, with no makeup professional present, the photo shoot can be ruined, an event Jones says is “just awful.”

Of course, if the client uses Jones’ team, the shoot will go smoothly, and will produce brilliant shots that will make the client happy.  Overall, a photo shoot is not only dependent upon the skill of the photographer, but the skills of a few professionals that make an excellent photo shoot possible.


The Makeup Pro Sounds Off

T. Cooper, of Metro Look, is the Ken Jones Photography – FultonStudio selected makeup artist.  She was able to expound on the problems with using the wrong makeup product and the wrong kind of application for a photo shoot.

Essentially, much has to do with the effects of flash photography on makeup.  Especially with certain types of makeup, the lights of a photo shoot can make the client appear unnaturally shimmery or wet.  Most makeup artists do not take this into account when selecting and applying makeup for a shoot.

Also, with concept or high fashion photo shoots, even the most experienced, elite artists in the industry can take hours on a single application.  It became rather clear that a professional photo shoot is certainly not the best occasion to try saving dollars on makeup. 



Jones basically stated that a photo shoot is the client’s investment.  If the client decides to save on makeup, it has a huge potential of ruining the shoot.  In addition, if the client wants Jones to ‘fix’ the end result with post-production editing, it will cost even more than if he or she had used T. Cooper from Jones’ team. 

Both Jones and Cooper made it rather obvious that it is better to spend a little extra up front on the full team effort, rather than spending even more dollars on post-production or simply losing out on a product that did not meet the client’s expectations.

For many, a Ken Jones Photography – FultonStudio photo shoot is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and investment.  Make it great, and trust the professional.


About Ken Jones – FultonStudio

Ken Jones has had over 30 years of experience, building a respectable portfolio that includes glamour, fashion, corporate and actor headshots, and editorial publications. Among his clientele, you will find Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell, Fed-Ex, and American Express Corp.  From the well-known Fulton Studio in downtown Manhattan, New York, Jones is known for his creative, unique ability to capture beauty, and for his commitment to top-notch professionalism and service.  For questions, please call: 1(212)964-8240

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