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Fashion Photography lookbooks are all about the "it factor," and how your work is presented is vital to the success of your new line. The Professional Lookbook Team from Ken Jones Photography is one of the best in their field. With years of experience on their side, they know how effectively promote your new collection so that it makes an impact on the right audience. 

If you look at the brands that are the hottest on the market, they all have one thing in common: lookbooks. They stay relevant because every season they give clients a reason to remember them with a standout fashion catalogue. 


Professional Lookbooks are all about style and context, and they show how your garments are meant to be worn. Within just a few pages of a lookbook, so much is said about a collection, extending far beyond the clothes themselves. A great look book will sum up the true essence of your collection, and show an audience why you're better than the competition. 

When you are ready to make your lookbook, think creatively, and choose the Lookbook team from Ken Jones Photography. 


The Process 

The first step is client consultation. Ken Jones Photography will meet with you to learn everything about your unique vision, and about what you want to communicate to potential buyers. This also includes the desired number of looks so that an estimate can be made concerning cost. 

From there, Ken Jones Photography hosts a model showcase, either at the clients location or the studio, so that the perfect models are casted for the job. Once the models are selected, the dates for the shoot are finalized and the team is brought in to create the look you've imagined. 

Within a few days, you will receive the images to you so you can make the final selections. Professional retouchers then meticulously edit these choice photographs, cleaning up any problems and fixing color balances. As another option, the image can then undergo another stylized post production process if your particular look requires it. 


You also have the choice to send the images into a presentation stage, during which creative designers will craft a high quality bound book. The experienced designers from Ken Jones Photography will collaborate with you to create a one of a kind lookbook, simple quick magazine style book, or a bound book of the highest standards. Also, local printers can rush a print job in as little as three days, delivered right to your door. 

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