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Dressing for Corporate Headshots and Personal Portrait Sessions

Dressing for Corporate Headshots and Personal Portrait Sessions

Well it's Christmas 2014 where has the time gone? Today I felt like writing a blog entry about business dress style. I have been getting a lot of inquiries about who styles my photo sessions, some are making reference to the clothing while other are referring about who is posing the subjects. Fortunately and unfortunately both of these tasks generally fall upon me. It's great to always have a team member present that will help coordinate a shoot but in very small productions it's not always necessary. But with that said, styling your clothing can be a very important factor in your headshot photo session. I may define how a client may relate to you and if they will want to interact with you or not. Pay attention to your demographic, Who are your clients and how do you think they want to see you.


 So how do I dress for my corporate headshot? Well first off what to do I have or do I work with? I'm I am to take a business environment where casual dress is the norm.  Or in the type of environment where my clients expect me to wear a suit? Basically you want to dress the way you want your clients will perceive you. if you want them to see you as a fun casual person then that's the way you should dress. But if you're a lawyer or a banker and you dressed casually your clients may not think you're serious at your profession. You would not go in front of a judge to plead a case in a t-shirt?  your corporate headshot's are in part to build trust between you and someone seeking your services. Looking approachable, confident and professional is the first step to getting the phone call.

Should I wear an open shirt or should I put tie on? You brought the tie with you so please try both options. The devil is in the details, you should always try to look your best in your corporate headshot, try extra options so you have more variables. You can really never have too many options. Bring extra ties with you try a few different ones if you're not sure.

What if you have a more casual business like a bakery or catering company, etc.

Well in this instance I would dress in a way that reflects your personality. Adding a uniqueness too your look and even a quirkiness may change your corporate headshot into a more personal portrait. Have fun and don't think about the photo session just think about the things you love to do and be amazed how well your portrait will look in the end.

Need help with choosing clothes to bring you can give us a call for some recommendations and I posted this styling guide and help with tie tying as well.


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