Commercial Beauty

Beauty Photography for Advertising

Beauty Photography is centered around one subject, whether the face, hair, body or makeup, yet requires layers of complimentary aesthetics, such as colors and props, to reach its truest and most pleasing form. With the ability to capture glamour in any and all settings, whether from styled portraits, artistically posed body shots, fashion forward images or nude photography, Beauty Photography is a living and breathing art form. There is more to a well shot portrait than the look of the subject, and Ken Jones has perfected how to masterfully bring a photograph from average to awe inspiring. Using strategic shadowing to entice without exposing, or colors to highlight without overpowering, Ken gracefully navigates between captured moments of beauty, unexpected elegance and picturesque photography. A true artist, Ken is able to deliver and improve upon on any vision or concept his client’s present or desire.

The subtlety of unplanned magnificence, such as a ray of light reflecting in a subject’s eye or a wisp of hair falling perfectly onto an exposed back, fuel Ken’s passion and particular interest in beauty shots. He has spent his time, professionally as well as personally, crafting his abilities on shooting beauty, fashion, models and different subjects, resulting in top quality images of the highest grade. Ken utilizes over thirty years of experience to highlight the most pristine angles of his subjects using overhead light and blackboards to control and enhance shadows, allowing the lens of his camera to sculpt out the images born from within his and his client’s minds and imaginations. As a beauty photographer in Manhattan, Ken has photographed beauty for cosmetics advertising, beauty based fashion, striking photographic advertising and for his own personal fulfillment. His large repertoire offers examples of Ken’s abilities, but not the totality of his artistic expression.

Ken’s talent is constantly evolving as beauty and art change focus and shift to encompass different styles, elements and views. As each subject requires a different amount of attention, depending on their vision for the shoot, Ken and his team can alter their techniques to draw out a fresh, unparalleled sense of beauty along with the obvious aesthetic value of his model. The range of Beauty Photography is seemingly endless, but the end result is always the same; a perfectly produced celebration of visually stimulating and enticing extravagance. The use of props, eye-popping hues, precisely laid shadowing and professional pre and post-production processes enhance all of Ken’s beauty shots, reaching beyond expectations to deliver exquisite images suited for those with the most impeccable of tastes.

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