Commercial Fashion Photographer in New York - Fashion, Beauty, Head Shots, Advertising.

Ken Jones is a professional photographer in New York with a stellar reputation for delivering expertly shot images, artistically styled and perfected for each client’s unique needs. Ken has centered his over thirty-year career around professionally navigating and shooting all forms of photography, specifically those focused on fashion and beauty. His portfolio is constantly expanding and the caliber of his work has kept Ken’s studio on the mouths of those in the fashion industry since he first started his business on the competitive streets of Manhattan. Ken has mastered shooting subjects in many mediums and for all industries including high fashion photography, body shots, personal compilations, corporate headshots, acting headshots, editorial publications, lookbooks and advertising campaigns for both online and print publication. His large collection is a testament to the versatility and caliber of his work, and is offered as reference for all prospective and current clients. As a multi-talented and creative photographer in New York, Ken uses his unique skill sets, like an uncanny attention to detail, and artistic whimsy to capture the correct tone, meaning and purpose of his subjects without sacrificing the art or integrity of each image. With an eye for light, shadow, body poses and the potential of each subject, Ken enhances his photography with a brilliance and direction that radiates from each image, captivating the eyes of magazines, prestigious clientele and celebrities alike. Ken’s clients range from well-known corporations, such as Fed-Ex and American Express Corp, to high-profile celebrities, including but not limited to Donald Trump and Naomi Campbell. His advertisement photographs have been featured in many reputable magazines, and his professional headshots are visible on the sites of successful corporations, enhancing their client base with images that promote trusting and lucrative working relationships. With an A-List reputation and an organic skill that can’t be learned or replicated, Ken Jones’ Photography delivers a level of beauty and professionalism unlike any other. His services are available to all, including businesses, advertising companies, models, actors and those simply interested in obtaining the highest level of photography to add to the décor and elegance of home. When it comes to successful photography, Ken knows there are no limitations to the imagination and is willing to discuss projects outside of those readily available for viewing in his portfolio. For promotional pictures, corporate headshots, fashion lookbooks, advertising photography or to treat yourself to a boudoir glamour photographer for your personal pictures, call our studio at 212-964-8240.